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Nikoloz BolkvadzeNikoloz Bolkvadze has resided in Prague for the last four years and is a native of Georgia. He has made it his priority to cultivate an in-depth understanding of the issues being faced today in the CEE business environment. His previous position at Leaders Magazine enabled him to develop relationships within the Prague Business community at a senior level and also in diplomatic circles.
He has keen understanding of contemporary communication tools. His experience gained in a Public Relations capacity enables him to quickly assess the situation and plan a strategy to deliver the best “fit” solution for his clients.

As a self-appointed ambassador of WordPress in the Czech Republic, he has gained significant experience in creating and developing websites that have achieved the desired results by successfully implementing the SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) and social media platforms.

His deep knowledge and long term experience has given him firm understanding of contemporary online communication tools. The successful results he has enjoyed is an outcome of completely immersing himself in learning every aspect from design to implementation of current features and techniques.

Personal traits: Focused, goal and outcome oriented, reliable, innovative, creative, quick to learn new skills, adaptable, flexible, helpful and possess strong interpersonal skills.

This is to speak up for Nick Bolkvadze. He is one of the most brilliant and creative people I know. In a time-sensitive, highly charged and competitive entrepreneurial environments, Nick works tirelessly for outstanding accomplishments. He is, in my opinion, one of the leaders of tomorrow’s digital revolution. Nick sees opportunities that others miss. While I often say that we are only limited by our own imagination, Nick’s creative imagination has no boundaries. He is a friend and I highly recommend him.
David Henderson
Owner, News Strategies LLC




Social Media Manager, Jitka Hosprová (Viola Soloist), 2011-Present
  • Created and designed the official website of famous Czech Viola soloist, Jitka Hosprová.
  • Constructed & implemented the overall online promotional strategy.
  • Designed all the graphic materials for the social networks; Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • Introduced and launched SoundCloud and BandCamp profiles.
Web Editor & Writer, Prague Leaders Magazine, 2010-2013
  • Inherited the website with virtually non-existent traffic – averaging 60 views/day.
  • Formulated a strategy after completing analysis of the responses of online community which resulted in a successful turnaround. Implemented a CMS platform (WordPress), created Social Media networks and rebranded the weekly newsletter. At that time, this innovative approach dramatically increased the number of subscribers from 3k to 45k and the overall website traffic now averaged 170k views per month.
  • Sole editorial responsibility for all online content which included daily updates on the webpage and sourcing appealing articles. Gathered the stories from various sources such as media contacts and qualified writers which were published on the website and in the weekly newsletter.
Diplomatic Spouses Association, Prague, 2013

Re-designed the existing website, implementing contemporary features and CMS.

International Women’s Association, Prague, 2013

Created new website based on WordPress, added new features and capabilities to make the page more dynamic and up-to-date.

Art Walks International Festival, Pilsen, 2013

Currently designing and planning the online promotional strategy of the new “Art Walks International Festival” which will be held this summer in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Creation of a brand new website and social network profiles in order to establish an online community.

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